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Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated
  • Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc PlatedFlat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated
  • Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc PlatedFlat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated

Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated

KOIN is one of the professional Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated manufacturers and suppliers in China. Over the 15 years, we have been focusing on research in the field of Chipboard Screw, Self Tapping Screw, Self Drilling Screw, Machine Screw, Wood Screw, Drywall Screw. As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Characteristics and applications of Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated

Common wood screws can be divided into round head type,flat head type and oval head type according to different screw heads.Among them,the materials of Pan head wood screws are mainly steel,iron and copper.The head of Pan head wood screws is also divided into slotted screws,cross recessed screws or custom slotted screws.

Prior to the use of traditional wood screws,it is necessary to pre drill holes on the wood mounting parts,otherwise it is easy to cause wood cracking.In addition,because the traditional wood screws do not undergo heat treatment,it is easy to damage the groove shape by screwing with electric tools,and it is difficult to install them manually.Compared with traditional wood screws,Pan head wood screws are more practical and high-quality.

Purpose of Pan head wood screw:similar to machine screw,but the thread on the screw is a special rib for wood screw,which can be directly screwed into wood components (or parts). Generally,Pan head wood screws are polished,which are often used to install hinges,hooks and other hardware accessories. The specification is determined by the diameter,length and nail head type of the rod.

The advantage of Pan head wood screw is that its consolidation capacity is stronger than that of nailing,and it can be removed and replaced,which is less harmful to the wood surface and more convenient to use.

Pan head wood screw is a kind of nail specially designed for wood.After entering the wood,it will be firmly embedded in it.If the wood is not rotten,it is impossible to pull it out.Even if it is forcibly pulled out,it will bring out the nearby wood.

Coating of Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plateds

Surface anti-corrosion treatment refers to the application of protective layer on the metal surface by various methods.Its function is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment, so as to inhibit the occurrence of corrosion process,or reduce the contact of corrosive medium with the metal surface,so as to achieve the purpose of preventing or reducing corrosion.

The protective layer shall meet the following requirements:

1.Corrosion resistance;

2.Compact and complete structure with small pores;

3.coated composite screws;

4.Firm combination with base metal and good adhesion;

5.Uniform distribution and certain thickness.

The protective layer is generally divided into metal coating and non-metal coating.The metal coating refers to the protective layer formed on the surface of the easily corroded metal by the metal or alloy with strong corrosion resistance.This kind of coating is also called coating.There are quite a lot of methods and types of metal plating,of which the most common is electroplating,followed by molten metal dip coating(hot dip coating)and chemical surface treatment.

Features of Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated:

1. Good toughness;

2. Corrosion resistance;

3. Bright and beautiful appearance;

4. High strength;

5. Good quality and low price;

3.Product display of Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plateds

Product advantages:

1. Use good quality material to ensure the quality

2. High quality coating and low roughness

3. Straight,not easy to broken

4. Sharp thread,good drilling

5. Stable quality

6. Fast production time

Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated product parameter


Wood Screw

Product Name

Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated






Carbon Steel(C1022A)

Surface Treatment


Head Type

Pan Head

Groove Type



Point or Sharp Point









HS Code






Transport Package

Box and Cartons and Pallets


FOB Ningbo or Shanghai port


Zhejiang China

5.Instructions for the use of Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plateds

Tools for installing Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plateds:the screwdriver is its loading and unloading tool,and its shape matches the groove shape of the wood screw head,and there are two kinds of slotted and cross shaped;In addition,there is a special screwdriver installed on the bow drill,which is suitable for loading and unloading larger wood screws,which is more convenient and labor-saving.Another thing to pay attention to is that wood screws must be screwed in with a screwdriver. Never knock in with a hammer,which will damage the surrounding wood.

The process is controlled layer by layer, and everyone pays attention to quality.

(1) Quality:Products use high-quality materials to ensure quality. We have a professional QC team to inspect every project from production to packaging.And before leaving the factory,all specifications of products are sampled and tested to ensure stable quality.We guarantee the high-quality coating and low roughness of screws.

(2) Product features:Straight,not easy to break,sharp thread, good drill ability.

(3) Strict quality control:For each order,the quality control department will conduct strict inspection before delivery.Poor quality will be avoided in the door.

(4) Transportation:We have transportation department and freight forwarder,so we can ensure faster delivery and better protection of goods.

(5) Efficiency:Fast production time,only 260 minutes away from the nearest Shanghai port.

(6) Service:Customer service answers customer questions online 24 hours a day,and uses high-quality materials to ensure quality.

Packing method of Flat Slotted Head Wood Screw Zinc Plateds

We usually use bulk,color box,Kraft carton,PC plastic box,PC plastic bucket,tray and other packaging methods.

Of course, customers can also customize.

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