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What are the characteristics of chipboard screws?


Although there are many types of fiberboards, they all have the following main characteristics:

(1) Generally, it is made of carburized steel (accounting for 99% of the total product). It can also be made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metals.

(2) The product must undergo heat treatment. Carbon steel chipboard screws must be carburized, while stainless steel fiberboard nails must be solution hardened. Thus, the mechanical properties and usability of chipboard screws meet the standard requirements.

(3) The product has high surface hardness and good core toughness. It is also known as' internal softness and external hardness'. This is a major feature of the performance requirements for chipboard screws. If the surface hardness is low, it cannot be screwed into the substrate; If the toughness of the core is poor, it will break when twisted and cannot be used. So "internal flexibility and external rigidity" is the requirement for chipboard screws to meet the performance requirements.

(4) All surfaces of the product require surface protection treatment, usually electroplating. Some products require phosphate treatment (phosphating) on the surface. For example, the nails of wall panels and fiberboards are mostly phosphated.

(5) The production adopts cold heading process. It is recommended to use high-speed cold heading machines, high-speed wire rolling machines, or high-speed planetary wire rolling machines to ensure product quality. The produced fiberboard has good nail head shape and high wire quality.

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