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Difference between countersunk head tapping screw and flat head tapping screw


① Different appearance

The cap of countersunk head tapping screw is flat on one side and tapered on the other side; The cap of flat head self tapping screw is flat;

② Different contact surfaces

The contact surface between the countersunk head tapping screw and the workpiece is a bit conical surface, and the flat head tapping screw is indeed a bit plane;

③ Different partners

Countersunk head tapping screws can only be used with gaskets with certain taper, while platform tapping screws can be used with flat gaskets;

④ Use effect: no

Countersunk head tapping screws shall not be higher than the plane after use and shall be kept flat; Flat head tapping screws can be sunk into the plane or exposed.

⑤ Different forces

The force of countersunk head tapping screw is smaller than that of flat head tapping screw.

The above is the difference between the countersunk head self tapping screw and the flat head self tapping screw selected from the wechat official account.

As one of the most widely used screws, self tapping screws can help us to understand the material and category of self tapping screws, which can make our shopping more convenient and get twice the result with half the effort.

1. Material of self tapping screw

Self tapping screws are generally made of carbon steel and stainless steel. As for the difference between the two, you should know something about it. The editor will briefly introduce it here.

Generally speaking, carbon steel tapping screws do not intentionally add alloy elements, while stainless steel tapping screws contain high alloy content. The difference is that carbon steel is easier to rust than stainless steel, but its price is far lower than that of stainless steel; Carbon steel has higher strength than stainless steel, but its corrosion resistance is not as good as stainless steel. Therefore, the two have advantages and disadvantages compared with each other, which is exactly the so-called "Mei Xuxun's snow is three-thirds white, but the snow loses Mei's fragrance".

2. Types of self tapping screws

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, self tapping screws can be divided into carbon steel self tapping screws and stainless steel self tapping screws. Besides, self tapping screws can also be classified from the shape and function.

Generally, it can be divided into: cross pan head self tapping screw, pan head self tapping screw, cross countersunk head self tapping screw, drill tail self tapping screw, flat tail self tapping screw, pointed tail self tapping screw, triangular tooth locking self tapping screw, etc.