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What if the screw rusts?


1、Quick derusting method for screw rusting

1. Rust remover can be sprayed on the rusted screw. When the rust remover reacts with the rusted screw, it will not rust after washing with water.

2. Coke can also be used to remove embroidery and directly apply it on rusty screws. After a while, you will find that the rust on the screw is gone.

3. It can be washed with acid to remove rust thoroughly and will not rust in a short time.

4. Fire can be used. The high temperature can make the rust soft and fall off, and the rust will be removed naturally.

5. The screw can be polished with a grinder to remove rust.

2、 How to unscrew the rusty screw?

1. You can knock it gently with a hammer. The vibration generated by knocking can make the corroded embroidery piece fall down slowly, and then it can be easily unscrewed.

2. Drop a little edible oil into the gap between the screw and the nut and wait for half an hour until the oil is completely absorbed into the nut. The oil drips down, but the screw will shrink when it is cold, increasing the clearance between the screw and the nut. It's easy to unscrew it with a wrench.

3. It can be soaked in water for more than half an hour and can be easily disassembled.

4. It can be put on the fire to heat the nut and screw to expand, and then it can be easily unscrewed by pouring cold water immediately after it is red.

5. If the groove supported by the screw is deformed and cannot be screwed with force, we can knock down the top of the screw with a hammer and a straight screwdriver, chisel it into a V-shaped groove and hit it in the direction of screwing out the screw. Finally, we can pull it out with pliers.

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