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What is a machine screw?


Machine screws are typically designed with finer, more accurate threads than alternative fastener types. They are generally intended for use with a pre-drilled interior tapped hole or a nut. Machine screws are most often used for fastening metal parts securely together in various types of machinery or construction.
What is a machine vs metal screw?
Generally, machine screws are inserted into already-threaded, or tapped, holes. Meanwhile, sheet metal screws are used to attach metal to metal; they have sharp threads that allow them to cut and thread a hole as they're driven in.
What are the advantages of machine screws?

Sometimes, machine screws are preferred over other, bigger screws. They offer a wider range of applications because of their limited scale. It is possible to use machine screws to attach countless kinds of products, artifacts, and surfaces. Machine screws are available in various materials as well.