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What is the function of fiberboard nails?


Fiberboard nails are a heat treated product suitable for the installation of electric tools. Mainly used for connecting and fastening between wooden boards and thin steel plates. Fiberboard nails do not need to be used with nuts. The thread is self tapping and the tail is pointed. When a triangular self-extracting screw is screwed into a hole in a plastic metal material, it forms an internal thread by squeezing into the hole and forms a reliable locking screw connection. It can largely replace the use of ordinary wood screws (wood screws do not undergo heat treatment).

Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated

In the entire fastener industry, this product is as important as drywall screws and has huge sales. Widely used in furniture manufacturing and other industries, but its use in the DIY market is still limited. At present, domestic consumers purchase this variety from building materials supermarkets, mainly for installing guide rails, hinges (such as 3.5 * 16), cooperating with fish expansion installation (such as 4 * 40), and replacing wooden screws to install furniture, cabinets, etc. Choose better quality, more economical packaging and pricing. Claw cut fiberboard screws are an improved product of ordinary fiberboard screws, mainly optimized from the design of threads, pursuing higher drilling speed, solving the problem of hard wood and easy cracking, with high technical content.

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